How Hosts Manage Your Website Security

When a WordPress site gets hacked, some individuals immediately point the finger at their web host. Not precisely accurate, as web hosts directly impact website security, but outdated themes and plugins are the primary sources of hacked websites.

However, the strength of the security measures is mainly dependent on the package you choose. All hosting plans, regardless of price, include some form of security protection to protect your data. A WordPress website may be negatively affected by web hosting, it is true. Let's find out how.

Hosting Providers Come in a Variety of Forms

Shared hosting and managed hosting are the two most prevalent types of hosting. Shared hosting, as the name implies, hosts several websites simultaneously. There is a single server on which they share resources like storage space, disk space, databases, bandwidth, etc. In managed hosting, on the other hand, your site is handled by specialists. Managed hosting emphasizes individual attention. Although your web server is also taken care of by shared hosting, the process is much less proactive than it is with a dedicated server. You'll also have to take care of your WordPress installation.

As for Security, How Would You Describe It?

Your unique security needs are met by managed hosting, which is costly and attentive. In contrast to dedicated hosting providers, shared hosting companies do not focus on individual websites, making the security they offer considerably laxer and a source of significant worry. Let's take a closer look at the security of web hosting services:

In what ways can shared hosting affect the security of your site?

According to the company, they provide a fundamental level of protection and cannot manage large or complicated threats.

Performing Basic Security Checks

The hosting company does just basic security checks that hunt for malware that has already been installed on the system. When scanning WordPress sites, they look for patterns and signatures of known malware, making it impossible to detect new, sophisticated malware.

Easily Exploitable Security Flaws

It is cheaper to host more than one website when they are shared. This option has a significant downside, which may be attractive to those who cannot afford pricey hosting. On the same server, different websites are in danger of infection when one website is hacked. Shared servers increase the risk of security breaches. The fact that your site has been hacked because another site has been infiltrated might be frustrating. Because now you'll have to clean up your site and maybe move it to another hosting provider, It is not your fault that you have to spend additional time and money on either of them.

Records of Logs

You can easily observe the traffic to your website thanks to log records. A malicious visitor can be identified and dealt with using the records. A security camera has a wide field of view. Your security measure will be rendered meaningless if you do not invest in a suitable surveillance camera. Like a cheap security camera that can't record well, shared hosting is inefficient. Shared hosting services are plagued by a failure to keep track of all visitors. As a result of improper log record maintenance, you may get incomplete or damaged information at a later date.

Suspension of the Website

Web hosts suspend websites that have been hacked because the danger of malware infection is greater on shared hosting. Their worry for their own safety is well-founded. Cybercriminals might be sending spam emails from the hacked site, resulting in the hosting server being blocked by email service providers (ESPs). Hackers may get access to the server, which might result in more severe harm. Not to mention how many clients a web hosting firm will lose overnight. When this happens, hosting companies remove all security measures from a website until it is cleaned up. This page explains why web providers suspend WordPress sites for those who are interested.

Backups Are Insufficient

Every WordPress website should perform regular backups. To ensure that your site can rapidly recover from a disaster, hosting services provide backups. Backups, on the other hand, are not appropriate for shared hosting. Their backups are commonly criticized for being inadequate due to website size limits, periodic backups, and difficulty retrieving backups, among others.

There are web providers who will clean up your site for a charge, however. However, this is neither a cost-effective nor a time-efficient method. As soon as your site has been hacked, the only thing you'd want is for it to be restored. If you're dealing with a web host, you may have to wait up to 24 hours. Google may suspend your AdWords account or blacklist your site if you wait too long to clean up.

Why Is It Important to Use Managed Hosting?

For a good reason, managed hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. As a result, they offer a high level of protection against hackers, bots and the rest of them.

Management of Firewall Protection for Web Hosts

The firewall fortifies and protects a website. Managed hosting companies generally provide firewall protection. Firewalls intercept requests sent by visitors and determine if they are genuine or malicious before allowing them to proceed with the request or not. So that malicious requests are prevented from reaching your site's server, this feature is essential.

Scanning for Malware

Regular virus scans are included with managed web host protection. However, from one web host to the next, there is a difference in the scanner's capabilities. Websites that cannot detect new and complicated malware are limited. Security systems like MalCare can detect malware variations and new malware.

The core files are only accessible with this restriction.

FlyWheel, for example, locks down the WordPress core. Because it's preventative action. Your site must be protected against harmful users who are not authorized. As a result, the admin cannot modify the core files either. The hosting providers would have to be contacted if necessary. Similar to Pantheon, WP Engine prohibits the change of PHP files. Some of the ways managed hosting companies keep WordPress sites safe include the following:

Now It's Your Turn!

We hope you now have a better knowledge of web host security procedures. Before choosing a new hosting company or establishing a new site, we recommend doing your homework. WordPress hosting is a dedicated server that is protected. Security features such as a money-back guarantee and website backups are available from top web providers. Contact the service providers and ask them about security. Would you please let us know if anything in this post is confusing?

To find out what type of security protection your site needs, you may also perform a security assessment on your site. To secure your website from hackers and bots, you need also install a WordPress security plugin on your website.