Protect Your Website Vulnerabilities With CloudFlare WAF

Protect your business-critical web applications against harmful assaults with this intelligent, integrated, and scalable solution, which requires no changes to your existing architecture.

What Is a WAF

It stands forWeb Application Firewall. The WAF filters and monitors HTTP traffic between the web application and the Internet to safeguard online applications.

What Is CloudFlare WAF

By turning on the OWASP Core Ruleset, Cloudflare's WAF protects against malicious attacks that exploit vulnerabilities. Turn on Cloudflare's Managed Ruleset to swiftly guard against new and zero-day vulnerabilities.

How It Works

In addition to offering Terraform integration, Firewall's simple interface allows users to create strict rules with a few clicks and facilitates easy rule creation. It checks each request against a rule engine and threat data culled from safeguarding over 25 million websites. The user may choose to reject, challenge or log suspicious requests, while valid requests are sent to the destination regardless of whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, according to their needs. Users get access to actionable metrics through analytics and Cloudflare logs.