Installing WordPress Via Terminal And Securing the Server

So what better way to kick off my security-related posts than to summarize the steps I took to get this website up.

This post will provide a cradle to a grave review of the process I just went through in the past 48 hours. It will include everything from configuring the server to installing and finally hardening. It's a bit lengthy, so I've added a few short-cuts to help those that might be interested only in a few areas:

It is important to note that this will all be done via the command-line interface (CLI) (a.k.a. terminal). It's not complicated or complex but does require some working knowledge in the terminal environment. Compared to most, I would be classified as a noob when it comes to hands-on system administration in the terminal environment, so if I can do it, you can too. Also, if you see any inefficiencies in my process, please let me know.

So let's get started!